Jewish Group Accuses Canadian Liberal MP Of ‘Rewarding’ Anti-Semitism

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The Jewish human rights group B’nai Brith is demanding an apology from Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) Iqra Khalid for giving a “certificate of appreciation” to a man they say promotes extreme anti-Semitism. Khalid has an “Islamophobia” motion that is now before a Liberal-dominated Parliamentary committee that could recommend legal remedies to address alleged Islamophobia

As the Canadian Press reports, the Toronto-area MP presented the scroll on behalf of the Trudeau government to Amin El-Maoued last week. B’nai Brith says the public relations manager for Palestine House was a notorious cheerleader at a 2017 rally that was “laden with hate-filled and anti-Semitic slogans” that included the outrageous claim that “Israel and Hitler are the same.”

Palestine House, which is supposedly committed to the “educational, social and cultural” needs of Palestinian-Canadians, lost all of its federal funding under the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper because the group demonstrated a “pattern of support for extremism.”

B’nai Brith Canada is circulating a petition that reads: “Anti-Semites, racists and bigots of all sorts do not merit recognition from the Canadian government or its elected officials.”

The petition insists Khalid take back the certificate and apologize for her “insensitive and dangerous actions.”

B’nai Brith CEO Michael Mostyn told the Canadian Press that he has sent a letter to Khalid asking for these same actions but the MP has provided no reply.

“It is not only disappointing but frightening that you would see fit to reward his dalliances with anti-Semitic discourse and incitement, while simultaneously ostensibly working to eliminate all forms of discrimination in Canada,” the letter reads.

“There is simply no reconciling these two worlds. Presenting El-Maoued with official recognition on behalf of the Canadian government both sanitizes and normalizes the anti-Semitic rhetoric and attitudes that he has purveyed and facilitated.”

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