‘Language Is Not A Race’ — Tucker Explodes When Guest Paints Trump As ‘Wildly Racist’ For Complimenting ICE Agent’s English

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson fired back at Richard Goodstein on Monday after the former Clinton adviser called President Trump “wildly racist” for complimenting a Hispanic ICE agent’s English.


As President Trump asked a Hispanic ICE agent to come to the podium and speak at a White House event on Monday, he noted that the agent “speaks perfect English.”

Trump’s comments sparked Goodstein to begin his conversation with Carlson by sarcastically saying that “in deference to our president” they could “use ‘perfect English’ tonight.”

Carlson wasn’t about to let that one go.

“Americans should use perfect English,” the Fox News host insisted. “Is that racist now to say you should speak English? The English language is not a race. It’s what holds our country together. It’s OK.”

“This is so stupid,” Carlson responded between Goodstein’s remarks. “Language is not a race. When our ancestors came to this country they were taught in public schools to speak English because it binds the country together, a country that has no common race or religion. Language holds us together. There’s nothing wrong with that, and the left that seeks to divide us for political gain pretends it’s ‘racist’ to say someone speaks English. And it’s not.”

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