President Trump SLAMS Gov. Cuomo’s MAGA Comments

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President Donald Trump ripped into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his assertion that “America was never that great” during a rally in West Virginia on Tuesday .


Trump was tearing into the Democratic Party, claiming they are “held hostage” by the “resistance” movement. He then recalled Governor Cuomo’s remarks from last week about America never being great in the first place. (RELATED: GOV. ANDREW CUOMO: AMERICA ‘WAS NEVER THAT GREAT’)

“New York’s Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo even declared that America was never great. Oh, I see, okay. Tell that to our great soldiers from World War I and World War II, the Korean war and so many others,” Trump said.

“Tell that to the folks that send a rocket up to the moon and are great astronauts. Tell that to all the great medical research we’ve done in this country. He says America was never great,” Trump continued.

Trump concluded his lambasting of Cuomo by claiming, “I would imagine that is career threatening.”

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