CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Says Source Of Stormy Hush Money Doesn’t Matter: ‘Illegal Either Way’

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CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said the source of the Stormy Daniels hush money is irrelevant because either way it’s illegal.

“Well, let’s remember why campaign finance laws exist. They exist so that we know who funds campaigns, where the money comes from, and where it goes,” Toobin said on “New Day” Thursday. (RELATED: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Shocked By Trump’s Steady Approval Numbers)

“You know, what do campaigns spend their money on? What Michael Cohen did, with he says the assistance of the president, was lie about both of those things,” he continued.


Host Alisyn Camerota interrupted Toobin to remind him the money came from the Trump Organization and not the campaign, but he claimed it’s still illegal.

“Whether it comes from the Trump Organization or from him personally is still not clear. But it’s illegal either way,” Toobin replied. “Because, yes, individuals are allowed to fund their campaigns, but they have to disclose that they are doing it, how much they’re doing it for, and where the money went. And the reason the law exists is so the public knows how the money’s spent.”

“Don’t you think on the eve of the election, when these transactions were taking place, that the public would have been interested that $280,000 was going to silence two women?” he concluded.

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