MSNBC Guest That Made Insensitive Comments About Mollie Tibbetts Deletes Twitter


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The MSNBC guest who made insensitive comments about the murder of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts apologized and then deleted her Twitter account.

Fordham University professor and MSNBC guest Christina Greer downplayed the significance of Tibbetts’ death on Tuesday, calling Tibbetts just “a girl in Iowa” who “Fox News is talking about.”

Greer somewhat apologized for her comments on Twitter on Wednesday, writing, “Yesterday I said something flippant that was unintended. Mollie Tibbetts was a promising young woman who lost her life. My hope is that her family will find peace & justice and that her murder is not used to justify a discriminatory immigration policy.”

Twitter did not respond kindly to Greer’s half-apology and her tweet received nearly 3,000 responses.

Now, searches for Greer’s Twitter handle are met with an error: “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” Greer appears to have deleted her account entirely after the intense backlash for her comments about Tibbetts.

Christina Greer Twitter Account (Screenshot: August 23, 2018)

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