Breaking From The Democrat-Media Complex Plantation

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Candace Owens Contributor
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Why do the Democrats and the liberal media hate me so much? Because I refuse to stay on their political plantation.

For decades, the Democrat-Media Complex has appointed itself the master of truth.

They tell black Americans who to love, who to hate and what to believe. In their eyes, we are nothing more than a low-information voting block that will always vote for the Democrat Party.

The only difference between the slave masters of old and the liberal media masters of today’s political plantation is that one enslaves the body while the other enslaves the mind. Liberals are the all-knowing rulers who cannot be questioned, and when someone does, harsh punishment ensues.

I know first-hand what it’s like to not only be assaulted by the Left but to be silenced by them, as well.

I was suspended from Facebook because I mimicked a racist writer at The New York Times. I was attacked outside a diner in Philadelphia because of my political beliefs — and the media refused to cover this outrage or the simultaneous attacks on the black police officers serving to defend me at the time. It had to be the first time the liberal media ignored white extremists attacking a black woman, but I guess it’s okay if that woman of color happens to be conservative.

I now know full-well the backlash one can receive when resisting the twisted liberal machine.

Self-righteous liberals are busy boycotting conservatives while epic tragedies that harm the black community in America are ignored, such as the spate of killings in the streets of Chicago. During the first weekend of August alone, 72 people were shot in the city streets.

Meanwhile, the media routinely ignores left-wing attacks on other black Trump supporters as well as violence against their own peers in the press.

When people like my friend Kanye West announce their support for President Trump, the liberal media have a full-blown meltdown. They resorted to labeling him mentally ill for his political beliefs — because that’s obviously the only plausible explanation for a black man who thinks for himself.

The hysteria continued when Chance the Rapper tweeted, “Black people don’t have to be Democrats.” The media and Hollywood elite would have you believe that he and Kanye committed social suicide. And for other prominent black voices who happen to be conservative, they’re nothing more than the Right’s “token minorities.”

Breaking away from the Left’s control over black Americans is no small feat. You have to be prepared for this type of backlash and scrutiny, the likes of which few have ever seen. History shows us that the Democrats don’t accept the rejection of their legacy of control without a fight.

When Kanye said, “I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” he and I were both viciously attacked by white liberals such as Perez Hilton, Tom Arnold, and Shaun King. They honestly believed that they could control our train of thought by shaming us for the color of our skin.

Instead, it opened up a sobering debate on race, education, and history in our country — the antidote to the Democrat-Media Complex brainwashing of black Americans.

Despite the violence, vitriol, and hate for blacks who escape from the political plantation, it’s still not enough to prevent us from seeing the truth. Support for President Trump in the black community has shot up to 36 percent because our community is waking up to the Democrat Party’s failed policies and the liberal media’s lies.

Black Americans are experiencing record low unemployment and the fruits of a booming economy. President Trump has achieved more for blacks in less than two years than the past four presidents combined. That’s because — unlike the Democrats — President Trump offers real results, not just pretty words and broken promises.

The Democrat-Media Complex has gone to great lengths to not only delegitimize these successes, but it conceals this reality from black Americans. For decades, they’ve attained power, money, and influence through their stranglehold on black minds. The business of social control hates the business of freedom.

But, like I always say, truth is the ultimate disinfectant. And as more and more black Americans wake up to the reprehensible truth of the Democrat-Media Complex, their prized political plantation will soon be a memory of the past.

Candace Owens is communications director for Turning Point USA.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.