Dan Bongino Lets Loose On Obama’s ‘Snob Outlook’ On The Country

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Former Secret Service agent and frequent Fox News guest Dan Bongino on Saturday tore into former President Barack Obama and his National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes for being coastal elites who are disconnected from middle America.


Bongino began the segment on “Fox & Friends” Saturday by conceding he has no problem with former presidents speaking out ahead of elections, despite many former presidents electing to stay out of elections.

“I know the norm has been for former presidents to remain silent and allow their successor to govern effectively. I really don’t have an issue with that. There’s no rule about that. It’s a constitutional republic and Barack Obama is a free citizen,” Bongino said.

The former Secret Service agent then turned his attention to the part of Obama’s presidency which he found “disgraceful.”

“One of the most divisive presidents in American history, Pete — constantly relying on identity politics to put people into boxes the Democrat Party chose and Barack Obama highlighted and then sicking them against one another. Remember, when Barack Obama left office, upwards of 60 percent of people said the country was headed in the wrong direction, one of those reasons was not just the economy. It was the fact that people were tired of this constantly throwing the flames on this fire of racial division in the country. It was a disgraceful episode,” Bongino told the Fox hosts.

“Remember, these people in Kentucky and the other heartland Americans who are called deplorables by others. These are the people who supposedly, as you just said weren’t ready for Obama, as Ben Rhodes said. This is this elitist snob outlook. This bow tie wearing crowd in Washington, D.C., who forgets who actually trucks their goods, who makes this country. There are people out there working for a living tired of being talked down to by these elitist goofballs in the coastal bubbles they live in,” Bongino continued.

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