Trudeau Mocked For Saying Diversity Is Leading To ‘Entropy’

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested Friday in Ottawa that the world is “moving towards more diversity” that will create “entropy.” Trudeau apparently didn’t know the word entropy means a decline into chaos.

“The world is moving towards more diversity, not less diversity. It’s a form of entropy where people will come with different perspectives, the advancement of communication, raising standards of living around the world…[it] means that our communities, our boardrooms, are going to be more and more diverse,” Trudeau said at a forum in Canada’s capitol.


CTV Ottawa correspondent Glen McGregor noted the bizarre choice words:

CBC opinion page editor Robyn Urback thought that Trudeau was unintentionally echoing the sentiments of diversity critic and Member of Parliament Maxime Bernier, who recently left the Conservative Party to form another right-of-center political movement.

National Post columnist Andrew Coyne quipped, “Entropy is our strength,” mocking Trudeau’s mantra of “diversity is our strength.” (RELATED: Trudeau Shifts NAFTA Demand To Cultural Sovereignty)

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