In Preparation For Hurricane, Bill Nye Explains What Water Is On MSNBC

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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MSNBC brought on pseudo scientist Bill Nye to explain what water is and scaremonger over climate change during the network’s Hurricane Florence coverage Wednesday.

Nye, who is not a scientist but an engineer with a Bachelor’s degree and host of a Netflix show, was asked in the MSNBC segment about “combatting climate change” and it’s effects, such as the hurricane and it’s impending landfall in the Eastern Seaboard.

“It’s going to be 20 inches of rain, and in some [areas], a lot more than that. An inch is a cubic inch of water over a square inch of surface. That would be a cubic inch,” Nye said.

He continued, “Imagine this much water where ever you are. This much extra water in your living room where you’re watching television or trying to play basketball. This much water causes all kinds of trouble,” Nye continued, hiding his face behind a beaker of water.

Nye then blamed the weather pattern of Hurricane Florence on climate change and said, “I look forward to the hate tweets. It’s going to be great. About how a guy who took a lot of physics can’t read graphs.”

The interview went on to shame the Trump administration as “climate deniers,” calling them “anti-science.”