Two Die-Hard Red Sox Fans Find Lost Fenway Banner. Watch How They Reacted

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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A pair of Massachusetts men found a lost AL East Champions banner on the side of the road this week, and their reactions were almost as priceless as the banner itself.

The banner fell off a vendor truck in Somerville but was presumably on its way to Fenway when the two men found it. They picked it up, brought it home, and unfurled it on camera with a message for the Boston Red Sox.

They treated the banner with the utmost of care and courtesy but, apparently, they aren’t planning on giving it up unless they’re compensated with a reward … for their troubles? It’s unclear.

Anyway, here’s the unveiling of the banner:

You’ve got to love people like this. They’re very rare nowadays, but if you dig through the right suburban Dunkin Donuts and Uno Pizzerias around Boston you’ll probably be able to dig a few up.

I think the best part of this is that these two are treating the banner like it’s the arc of the covenant. I understand that to many Bostonians, a Red Sox banner is more than that. But the way these two use such a gentle touch is truly moving. I’m pretty sure this automatically qualifies them to be either surgeons or calligraphers. Talk about hand precision.

I think this only further proves that Boston is hands-down one of the best sports town in America, perhaps second only to Tampa, which is apparently having a resurgence in hockey these days.

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