Bill Maher Donates $2 Million To 2 Democratic Super PACs

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Comedian Bill Maher, who frequently rants against Republicans on his nightly television show, donated $2 million to Democratic PACs in August. As Politico reports, campaign finance documents show that the groups assist Democrats to get elected to the House and Senate.

The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host gave $1 million a piece to the House Majority PAC and the Senate Majority PAC.

Maher is accustomed to donating to liberal causes and candidates but hasn’t crossed the million-dollar threshold since the 2012 election when he supported a super PAC that was promoting the reelection of then-President Barack Obama.

Maher wasn’t the only wealthy Democrat to reach deep into his pockets to finance the party’s push to regain a majority in the House or Senate.

Newsweb Corporation Chairman Fred Eychaner gave $8 million to the same PACS as Maher assisted. Perennial Democratic financer George Soros contributed $2.8 million and real estate titan George Marcus gave another $2 million.

There was another prominent Hollywood liberal who also found some cash to elect a Democratic Congress: Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg gave $400,000.

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