Joy Behar: Trump ‘Stands Behind Anybody Who’s Been Accused Of Sexual Assault’ [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar took a swipe at President Donald Trump after he defended Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh following a second sexual assault allegation.

The comments were made Monday during a panel discussion on “The View” when the hosts shared video of Trump calling Kavanaugh an “outstanding person” and saying he is “with him all the way” after Deborah Ramirez alleged that the nominee exposed himself to her during a party in the ’80s when the two were in college.

“It’s touching how he [Trump] stands behind anybody who’s been accused of sexual assault. It’s moving,” Behar shared. “Roy Moore, now this guy. It warms your heart.”

“It’s been consistent,” Sunny Hostin replied.

“In the words of the great Chris Rock, ‘crackhead go with crackhead,'” Behar added. 

“What has been really disconcerting to me is not only this president saying those things even before she’s testified, it’s Lindsey Graham saying, ‘whatever she says won’t change my vote,'” Hostin interjected. “It’s Mitch McConnell … saying ‘in the very near future Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court.’ He said that over the weekend.”

“If you have a jury trial and you have a juror that says ‘I don’t care what the star witness is going to say, that won’t change my vote,’ that juror gets thrown off the jury,” she added. “Why are these senators still on the Judiciary Committee when they’re saying that? That’s absurd to me.”

“Listen, these guys, there were rumors about this second accusation last week,” Behar said. “And then Lindsey Graham and McConnell come out and say ‘we’re going to ram it through, we’re going to plow it through.’ Yeah, because they figure they’ll push him in, he’ll be in. They’ll get their way and then we’ll find out the guy is guilty. What good is that? Then you have to impeach a Supreme Court justice.”

Abby Huntsman shared that she thinks this “could have been handled” better “from the beginning.”

“I feel for these women because both of them have now said, Dr. [Christine Blasey] Ford and [Deborah] Ramirez, have said, we didn’t want to do it this way. We didn’t want come out and have to put our name out there and now have to potentially publicly testify.”

“What was the quote from Trump the other day,” Behar asked. “Why didn’t she come out years and years ago? They don’t come out because of people like you.”

“The Democrats may just finally find their testicularity just like the Republicans have been playing dirty tricks with Merrick Garland and now the Democrats are going back at them and they don’t like it,” Behar explained. “If she testifies, I want to see her testify in front of those white guys. I don’t want to see them bring in some female litigator to smooth it over so that they don’t look that bad. She should demand that.”

Kavanaugh has denied any wrong doing in both cases.