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This may come as a surprise, but believe it or not, older men are making a comeback. There has never been a time where men over 50 have been so popular and in demand. Just look at Robert Downey, Jr. and George Clooney. Despite being well into AARP membership age, it seems as if they just keep getting better looking as each year passes. What’s their secret? Is it something regular men can do? We may have found the answer.

Earlier this month, I met up with Mark Tomlinson. Despite being well into his 60s, his wife loves to make people guess how old he is. At 65 years old, he can’t remember the last time he felt this good about his looks. No one believes him when he reveals his age. People can’t decide if he looks 40 or 45.

Getting in touch with him wasn’t too hard. He was fairly easy to find, and after a few email exchanges I was able to land an interview with him. We met a coffee shop in Chicago. It was true. He did not look mid-60s at all. I couldn’t believe the man I was talking to looked younger than me, and I’m 53 years old! When we ordered our coffees I got offered the senior discount and he didn’t…

After a good laugh, he said, “Hey I wish I could save 50 cents on my cup! Instead I pay full price because when I ask I always end up having an awkward conversation with the barista who doesn’t believe how old I am”.

After a few seconds of staring in disbelief, I asked the question: “What’s your secret?!”

“This is my third interview. You’d think by now it would be easy. I still get pretty nervous,” he said. “I want everyone to know my secret…but at the same time I’m scared of putting myself out there. Some of the surgeons I consulted with aren’t too happy…they hate me, you know?”

“I’ve heard that. Everyone is fascinated by how you look. People really think you’re in your 40s” I said, wondering how much to reveal, carefully to avoid offending.

He smiled. “Anything else?”

“Please don’t take this the wrong way..” I stuttered “but they’ve been saying it’s a scam. The doctors. Some of them say facelifts and injections are the only answer.”

“It’s difficult for them to understand,” he said. “That a 62 year old guy without medical training could learn an easy trick that makes him look almost 20 years younger.”

“Yes, about that.” I said

“It’s not really a trick,” he said. “It’s a combination of age-defying ingredients working together to preserve my youth. I call it my “youth cocktail.”

He told me how one night while checking his email, he decided to start researching different anti-aging techniques and ingredients…ones that didn’t require a doctor. After hours of searching, he finally found what he was looking for, conveniently hidden behind dozens of search pages. He got the feeling that this was something people were trying to prevent the public from finding out. It was simple. An easy and effective treatment that Hollywood celebrities have been using for years to maintain their ageless appearance.

The secret behind how Mark made his skin look tighter, firmer and devoid of wrinkles is a combination of powerful anti-aging ingredients that very few people know about. The “youth cocktail” as Mark affectionately calls it, is a combination of carefully measured out Retinol, Vitamin C and DMAE. Individually these 3 ingredients have been scientifically proven to give even the most tired skin a youthful and resilient appearance. Retinol has been touted as the number one wrinkle-fighting ingredient on the market. Dermatologists swear by it and recommend it on a daily basis. The collagen regenerating benefits of Vitamin C have been covered by nearly every talk show host and celebrity doctor. Television segments have been made about this one unique and powerful ingredient. As for DMAE, this ingredient has been the subject of dozens of tests, specifically one that showed its true potential. This powerful ingredient is the only substance that has been scientifically proven to firm and tighten the look of sagging skin! Imagine the powerhouse of benefits they would provide when working to get his? The possibilities are endless.

Many skincare and cosmetic companies have tried to find the perfect anti-aging balance among these ingredients. Very few have actually figured it out. It wasn’t until a group of chemists and scientists discovered the precise formula to make this youth cocktail work. After conducting several tests, their new product finally came to fruition. They named it LifeCell All-in-One Anti-Aging Treatment. Not only did they manage to make the three key ingredients work together, they also ensured that this one product is all the consumer needs to target every sign of aging. The unique and breakthrough formula was developed to be used as a wrinkle cream, a tightening treatment, an eye cream, and a dark spot minimizer. It also provides enough moisture to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Mark started using LifeCell religiously. He says that after only a few days of using it, he started seeing noticeable results.

After just two weeks of using LifeCell, the proof was staring his right in the face: this was getting real results.

His friends, wife and even his clients were all shocked. They were convinced he’d been secretly getting filler injections, because his skin looked years younger almost overnight!

Through his research, Mark discovered that the real secret to cell revival and skin rejuvenation is all about the way your products work together. If you mix different products they can counteract each other and stop working, or even worse…they can speed up the aging process because it exhausts your skin from trying to keep up with all the stuff being put on it.

After learning about the key ingredients for anti-aging, he found LifeCell, the only product he found that contained all of these ingredients, and even more for added youthful skin. The powerful wrinkle fighters and antioxidants in LifeCell help combat and treat time’s effect on your skin because it helps produce collagen and promote elasticity.

Mark purchased his LifeCell Anti-Aging Treatment directly from the manufacturer. They offer a 120-Day Money Back Guarantee. Something we’ve never heard before! Upon hearing about the story being written up about Mark and his results, LifeCell offered a limited time promotion to readers of this blog, click this link to get your 30 Day Trial of LifeCell All-in-One Anti-Aging Treatment. Right now, all you have to pay is the cost of shipping. This offer is limited and won’t last forever. By using our exclusive link, you pay just the cost of shipping. Don’t forget to come back and let us know about your results! As with all skincare products, everyone is different, and results may vary and are not always guaranteed.

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