Columnist Provides Tips For Parents On How To Have Sons Avoid Sexual Assault Allegations

Mike Brest Reporter

A columnist for PJ Media published a story directed at parents on how to prevent their sons from being accused of sexual assault and appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday to discuss it.


Megan Fox published a piece titled, “How to ‘Christine Blasey Ford-Proof’ Your Son,” over the weekend.

“Well there is no total prophylactic of course but I would tell them to first when they are young, for sure, take them to church, give them a moral standing in life. Teach them about their dignity as a person and the dignity of others,” Fox began.

“The second thing is, to avoid drinking. Stay sober and avoid girls who drink. Avoid these drunken parties that can be used against you in 30 years and also, always act as if you are going to have a position of authority and a high position and act accordingly. It’s like the Mike Pence school of thought,” she continued.

“There is no way — I love my son and I do not want my son to be accused falsely. So he’s going to have to cover himself,” Fox concluded. “Don’t trust women.”

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