Dean Cain Fires Back At Critics Who Try To Smear Him As A ‘Homophobic Bigot’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Lois & Clark” actor Dean Cain had a few choice words for those who have a problem with his most recent project — “GOSNELL” — and the venues in which he has appeared to promote it.

“It was guilt by association, guilt without evidence, and guilt without due process,” he told The Daily Caller on Tuesday.

Cain explained that the backlash really began with the making of the film, which follows the arrest and trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. Cain’s character in the film is a police officer.

“‘GOSNELL’ tells the story of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell, and his killing of live babies at his abortion clinic,” Cain explained. “Hollywood didn’t want to make the movie, and didn’t want to distribute it. We had to raise the money on Indiegogo, and many folks were against us making and distributing the film. Even the judge who presided at the trial tried to stop it!”

Cain discussed the film in several interviews, including an appearance at last weekend’s Values Voter Summit presented by the Family Research Council.

But to many in the LGBTQ community, Cain’s appearance at the VVS created an even larger problem: the FRC has been designated a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of the group’s position against same-sex marriage (a position that Cain does not share).

The attacks began before Cain even arrived at the VVS. “As I was getting on the plane from LA to DC,” he said, “I noticed activity on my social media sites, where folks were complaining about me appearing at the Summit, complaining about the film, attacking me for my pro-life stance, attacking me for the views of the FRC (pro-life), attacking my career, etc … just another day on social media.”

By the time he took the stage, the smear campaign was already in full swing — and when he was asked about the backlash, Cain mentioned the intolerance of those who were attacking him. That, he says, was when all hell broke loose.

“When I said ‘intolerant,’ I was speaking about ALL GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS who were taking aim at me on social media and elsewhere, which included pro-choice, pro-life, anti-religious folks, super-religious folks, anti-Hollywood folks, folks who just don’t like me, anti-FRC folks, supporters of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and LGBTQ activists,” Cain told TheDC. “I was attacked by individuals from all of the above groups — for attending the summit, for being pro-choice, for making the movie ‘GOSNELL,’ and even for supporting gay rights.”

Multiple outlets published misleading headlines, claiming that Cain had spoken at an “anti-gay” event — in spite of the fact that he had simply introduced a premiere of “GOSNELL” at the request of his producers. Cain responded to many of them, asking them to point out what he actually said that was “homophobic” or “bigoted,” and requesting retractions from those who had run with false stories.

He wrapped up his comments to TheDC by saying, “Even though is was COMPLETELY FALSE that I was targeting or discussing specifically the LGBTQ community, it was very interesting to see the Twitter mob start making baseless accusations, and see the story reprinted over and over again in different digital publications as though it was fact. It was guilt by association, guilt without evidence, and guilt without due process — a story becoming too familiar these days.”

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