Joy Behar On Kavanaugh Hearing: Republicans ‘Worried That All White People Are Going To Lose All Their Power’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter

Joy Behar said she what she witnessed during Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing was just Republican’s side “worried that all white people are going to lose all their power.”

The comments came during a panel discussion Friday on “The View” over the testimony given by Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford on Capitol Hill Thursday.

“But the people on the Republican side, it looks like to me, do not want to investigate this any further,” Behar shared. “They just want to hold onto their power. They know that this country is getting darker. White Europeans are now 61 percent of the population … yeah, complexion.”

“Yes. That’s what I mean. 61 percent are white Caucasians. In 2045, it will be 49 percent, so it’s going down,” she added. “So it’s almost like they’re worried that white people are going to lose all their power, so they don’t care if she’s lying or she’s not lying or he’s lying.”

Behar continued, “They just want to hold onto their power. Pretty soon, we’ll be like South Africa — apartheid — where 10 percent of white people are running the country. It seems like the trajectory we’re on. This is what they want, I’m saying.”

Abby Huntsman turned to her co-host and asked, “Who, specifically?”

“These people are only interested in retaining white power in this country,” Behar responded. “Because it’s so obvious that they need to have the FBI investigation. It’s so obvious to everyone including them.”

“I think the problem is we just live in a hyper-partisan world, and yesterday that was so clear,” Huntsman explained. “The way that this was handled from the beginning was terrible. We should not have had this yesterday. They should have done this behind closed doors.”

Sunny Hostin, interjected and said that the “sexual assault is not a partisan issue”

This certainly was a credibility determination that the Senate had to make,” Hostin said. “They had to decide was she credible, was he credible. I have to tell you I’ve interviewed hundreds of victims of sexual assault. I know how hard it is for them to come forward. That woman was 100-percent — 150-percent — credible.”

“[Ford] was telling the truth, in my view,” she added. “When [Kavanaugh] came up, I did not find him as credible. I think that credibility, candor, character and impartiality are the most important qualities for a Supreme Court justice, and he doesn’t have those.”

“[Kavanaugh] wants the power,” Behar shared.

“But before we go, I want to show you a picture. You got the picture? Okay. See this? This is what I grew up seeing, right,” Whoopi Goldberg said as she pointed to a picture from Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee

“That’s what she looked — all those folks, I’m running to the front. All these people in the front, those are the folks she was talking to,” she added, as she went down and stood in front of the picture.

“Look at that. A victim of sexual assault, that’s what she faced,” Hostin interjected. 

“So whether you get it or you don’t get it, that [points to the picture] is trying to send a message which isn’t good for the country, and that is some of you all are second-class citizens,” Goldberg added.