Deadbeat Cardiologist Allegedly Owes Sickening Amount Of Child Support After Fleeing The States

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Jon Brown Associate Editor
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A cardiologist allegedly owes over $4.2 million in unpaid child support and has likely fled to Israel to escape paying it, according to the Office of Inspector General.

The OIG listed David Lawrence Adams from the southern district of New York as its “Most Wanted Deadbeat” on October 1. It claims that Adams has not made his monthly $2,500 payments since they began in 1994. Including interest, the amount he owes is $4,219,040. Adams was indicted in 2008 but is suspected to have fled to Israel to avoid the hefty bill.

“At the time of the indictment, Adams lived in Florida and worked as a cardiologist,” the OIG website said. “Investigators believe he fled to Israel to avoid his child support obligation. Investigators also believe that he may visit Florida periodically to continue his medical practice.”

Adams is one of six other “wanted deadbeats” listed on the OIG website for their collective failures to pay requisite child support. According to the OIG, such cases are usually enforced at the state or local level but may be referred to federal authorities when particularly egregious.