Man Kicks Pro-Life Activist, And It Is All Caught On Camera

(Photo: TheDC YouTube screenshot)

Mike Brest Reporter
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A man was recorded kicking a pro-life activist during an argument between the two in Toronto.

Devin Sena of the pro-life Human Defense Initiative tweeted the video Wednesday.


“If somebody gets raped by somebody and they’re like ‘I’m a 16-year old, I can’t have this baby. Think you should keep it?” the man asked.

The activist responded, “It’s a baby, if someone is raped and she gave birth and decided to kill her three year old child -,” and that’s when the person kicked her.

He then shouted “I meant to kick your phone.”

A voice can be heard asking for someone to call the police.

The Youth Campaign Life Coalition Twitter account sent out a tweet from someone named Marie-Claire, the alleged victim, who said she was fine and asked for everyone to “pray for the guy.”

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