Alyssa Milano Calls Sen. Grassley Out As A Sexist, Gets Fact -Checked By The Article In Her Own Tweet

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Actress turned activist Alyssa Milano attacked Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley for a remark he made about the lack of women on his committee, but she didn’t reference the clarifying statement that was included in the same article she tweeted.

Milano took Grassley’s initial statement and tweeted it with a link to the Wall Street Journal article. Grassley, when asked why there weren’t more female Republicans members of the Judiciary Committee, said, “It’s a lot of work – maybe they don’t want to do it. My chief of staff of 33 years tells me we’ve tried to recruit women and we couldn’t get the job done.”

However, he immediately clarified his remarks, saying that gender does not play a role in getting people to join the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Grassley said, “We have a hard time getting men on the committee. It’s just a lot of work whether you’re a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter.”

He also pointed out that, “On average, any woman in the United States Senate, whether they’re on Judiciary or any other committee, probably works harder than the average man.”

Milano has been an outspoken critic of Kavanaugh since he was nominated in July. She was in attendance during both his and Dr. Ford’s testimonies last week as a guest of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s ranking member Dianne Feinstein. (RELATED: Dianne Feinstein Invites Alyssa Milano To Kavanaugh Hearing)

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