Sen. Ted Cruz Describes The Mob That Surrounded And Chased Him And His Wife Out Of A Restaurant

(Fox News screenshot 10/5/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Texas Senator Ted Cruz described an incident from Monday when him and his wife were chased out of a D.C. restaurant by protesters during an appearance Friday on Fox News’ “Hannity.”


“We showed up at a restaurant that we love, it’s a delightful restaurant,” Cruz began. “Unfortunately somehow the protesters were there waiting for us as we walked in, they surrounded us, they screamed at us, they basically shut down the restaurant and they made it impossible to have dinner.”

“So Heidi and I got up to leave, they blocked her from getting out. When we left the restaurant, this actually has not been reported, but we left the restaurant, we went out the door and around the back alley,” he continued. “This mob of about 15 screaming leftist protesters chased Heidi and me down the alley screaming and yelling at us. A waiter from the restaurant let us in the back door to the kitchen.”

Cruz continued, “Now, I’ll tell you a happy ending to that, about 10 minutes later the police arrived and they removed the protesters. And I asked Heidi, I said, ‘okay, well what do you want to do now, do you want to go somewhere else? What do you want to do?’ She said ‘no. I like this restaurant, let’s have date night.’ So we went back through the kitchen, sat down at the same table and we had a delightful romantic dinner.” (RELATED: Ted Cruz Chased Out Of DC Restaurant By Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters)

The restaurant, Fiola, released a statement about the incident. It read in part:

Last night protesters entered Fiola with the apparent purpose of confronting one of our guests. Recognizing that there was a potential for escalation, our stellar management team immediately defused the situation. Per our policy for events of this nature, the police were called that the guests escorted to privacy.

The owner of the restaurant announced a couple days ago that he has received death threats over how the issue was handled.

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