The Media Refuses To Call The Kavanaugh Protesters The ‘M-Word’


Mike Brest Reporter
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Multiple political commentators refused to label the SCOTUS protesters as a “mob” despite there being video evidence to support the label on Tuesday night.

The fight over the “m-word” began on Tuesday when CNN host Brooke Baldwin criticized senior columnist for The Daily Beast and CNN contributor Matt Lewis for alleging the SCOTUS protesters were a mob. They went back and forth debating what constitutes a mob. The Federalist’s Mary Katherine Ham stepped in and defended Lewis’s point. (RELATED: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Refuses To Call SCOTUS Protesters A ‘Mob’)

Tuesday night, Lewis was on a CNN panel led by Don Lemon. Lemon and Lewis got into a very heated debate over the same concept – what is a mob and would the SCOTUS protesters classify as such? (CNN Debates What Constitutes A ‘Mob’: ‘Are You The Moderator … Or Are You Arguing A Liberal Talking Point?’)

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, in an appearance on MSNBC Tuesday night, also laughed at the SCOTUS protesters being labeled as a “mob.” Her comments cam mere months after she condoned the initial trend of approaching Trump officials while they are out in public. (RELATED: Waters: Republicans Trying To Define Protest As ‘Mob Rule’)


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