Pro Boxer Apologizes For Punching A Mascot In The Face [WATCH]

(YouTube Screenshot: BOXINGEGO)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Professional boxer Deontay Wilder apologized Saturday for getting a little too physical with a mascot on television last week.

The world heavyweight champion squared up against the mascot on the set of the Spanish-speaking Nación ESPN. (RELATED: Legendary Boxer Arrested On Rape Charge. The Details Are Horrifying)


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Everything seems like it was lighthearted and in jest until Wilder delivered a MEAN punch right to the mascot’s face. He may or may not have broken his jaw.

You can watch the hilarious but simultaneously scary footage below:

Obviously everything is in Spanish and my Spanish-speaking abilities are a little rusty since I haven’t taken the language since high school, but it doesn’t appear like anybody was really expecting this mascot to get legitimately hurt.

There have been conflicting reports about whether or not the mascot’s jaw is actually broken — a recent report per ESPN says it is not — but people were still pretty outraged after this clip went viral.

So Wilder apologized for accidentally/purposefully hurting the mascot on Twitter.

“I sincerely apologize to the brave man that was injured [if this is true],” he wrote. “I have the up most high respect for him, his participation, willingness and courage. If this is true @nacionespn I personally would like to invite him to my Dec.1 fight.”

He also said reports claiming he broke the mascot’s jaw were “click baiting.”

Still, anyone who thinks a soft fabric costume is proper protection against a championship-level punch probably should have their head examined.

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