NBC Reporter Asks Elderly Woman About Shirt, Her Reaction Cracks Him Up


John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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While walking through a Staten Island grocery store to speak to regular people about political issues that are important to them on Tuesday, NBC reporter Jacob Soboroff could not help but laugh at an elderly woman who had some snappy advice for him.

Republican Congressman Dan Donovan joined Soboroff in the grocery store to speak with people. When asked why he chose that particular place to film the segment, Donovan explained, “this is where you find out what’s really on people’s minds.” (SEE ALSO: MELANIA’S SPOKESWOMAN CALLS OUT TI OVER ‘DISRESPECTFUL AND DISGUSTING’ VIDEO DEPICTING FIRST LADY AS EXOTIC DANCER)

His point was quickly proven correct by an elderly woman who provided them with a bit of snappy and patriotic advice.


While Republican Congressman Dan Donovan shook the hand of the elderly woman, Soboroff asked her what her shirt sad.

“What does it say there? “Stand for the flag, kneel for cross?”

“Kneel for the cross,” the elderly woman said in unison with Soboroff. “Absolutely,” she continued, “and if you don’t like it, go to Venezuela.”

Both Soboroff and Donovan laughed as the woman turned to continue her shopping.