Get The Right Angle For Any Shot With This Flexible Tripod

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Whether it’s a group photo with friends and family or a selfie with your significant other, it seems impossible to get the perfect angle for your shot — until now. With the Flexible Tripod for Smartphones & Cameras, up your photo game with a super flexible tripod.

Normally $20, this tripod is 55 percent off

Normally $20, this tripod is 55 percent off

Flexible Tripod for Smartphones & Cameras on sale for $8.99

This tripod gives you the flexibility you need to capture fantastic photos. For starters, you can explore a whole new array of creative angles when out and about with this smartphone and camera accessory. Wrap its legs around tree limbs, fences, poles, doorknobs, gates, and so much more to take your photo game to the next level. What’s more, since it’s compatible with smartphones and digital cameras up to 11.5 ounces, you’ll have no problem attaching your preferred device to this fun accessory, making it a breeze to get outside and start capturing incredible images.

On top of all that, the tripod is convenient to use, especially if you’re on the go. Weighing only 0.1 pounds, it’s lightweight and compact, which is perfect for urban photography. Plus, you’ll be able to level your camera on the most uneven surfaces, giving you more opportunities to explore and capture unique perspectives on the world around you.

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