Guy Attacked By George Lopez Over Trump Reference Says It Was Just A Joke

(Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Global Gaming Expo)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter

A guy who was attacked by George Lopez allegedly over a reference about President Donald Trump says now his intent with regard to the comments was just to make the comedian smile.

It happened at a Hooters restaurant in New Mexico over the weekend, when the man said he spotted the 57-year-old comedian and went up to him to just ask for a picture, according to TMZ Wednesday. (RELATED: George Lopez: Trump Should ‘Deport The Police’ To ‘Make The Streets Safer’)


The man claimed that Lopez grabbed his phone and started to take video of his own crotch, but never pushed record. The Hooters’ visitor said he eventually did get his phone back and that’s when he went and tried to ease the tense situation claiming he said, “On the count of three, say Make America Great Again,” in an effort to make the actor smile.

Apparently, Lopez didn’t see it that way and that’s when the altercation was captured on video showing the man talking to the comedian who then appeared to grab the guys neck.

Sources close to the ABC sitcom star said that Lopez ended up going off on the guy who had reportedly followed him all night and tried to egg him on with numerous Trump references.

When pressed further about why he decided to make the Trump statement, the man shared that he knew the comedian wasn’t a fan of the president and just made a joke. The man is reportedly a Democrat, at least on paper.

Authorities have confirmed that they got a call about the restaurant incident and were looking into it.