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From work to spending weekends with family and friends, it’s difficult to find the time to learn an instrument these days. If you’ve always wanted to cross off “learn how to play an instrument” from your bucket list, then you’ve got to check out Populele: The World’s First Smart Ukulele.

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The Daily Caller Shop

Populele: The World’s First Smart Ukulele — $179

This smart ukelele makes it easy to learn the go-to instrument for busy adults and students. For starters, you’ll find it simple to pick up the basics thanks to the uke’s 72-LED fretboard. Meaning, helpful lights show you exactly where to place your fingers, so you can learn to play by practicing songs from the very beginning. What’s more, the uke provides real-time feedback and correction via sound-responsive technology, setting you up for success just like if you had a teacher right by your side.

On top of all that, you’ll also get more from playing the uke since this one comes with the convenience and power of a connected app. This means you can teach yourself how to tune a uke by using in-app tools. On top of all that, the companion app lets you pick up new songs as its library continues to expand with the latest and greatest popular songs.

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