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Start Your Own Podcast With Five Courses Of Expert Insight For $39

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If you’re curious about creating a podcast but don’t know where to start, it’s a wise idea to invest in some instructional content that’ll bring you up to speed with expert insight, advice, and tips. With The Beginner’s Podcasting Bundle, learn how to create, brand, and grow your podcast from the ground up.

Normally $830, this podcasting bundle is 95 percent off

Normally $830, this podcasting bundle is 95 percent off

The Beginner’s Podcasting Bundle on sale for $39

This five-course bundle teaches you how to podcast for success from the very beginning. Kick things off with an introductory course that includes expert tips on the fundamentals, including gear and editing software. Meaning, you can save time, money, and a lot of headaches by buying only the essentials, as well as discovering which free and professional editing apps as most worth your investment. What’s more, it teaches you how to create and develop your podcast’s art, intros, outros, and style, setting you up for a cohesive, visual and audio language that will appeal to more listeners.

On top of that, the bundle — which includes 15+ hours of instructional video content — covers techniques and strategies that will enhance your podcasting prowess. This means you’ll learn valuable skills, such as mind mapping and a three-step persuasion blueprint, that’ll make you a more effective communicator and host, no matter if you’re telling a story, relaying facts, or conducting an interview. Plus, thanks to two courses which cover cultivating a personal brand and growing your online footprint through social media, you’ll have all the tools — both tangible and intangible — to set yourself up for continued success.

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