OPINION: Remember Who Kept Promises For Pennsylvania On November 6


Rep. Mike Kelly Representative, Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional District
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As I said at the recent rally in Erie, President Trump and I have something very important in common: we both love Pennsylvania.

Trump has been to Pennsylvania nearly two dozen times since he announced his bid for the White House — and he’s kept his promises every step of the way.

When I went to the White House to get help protecting the shorelines of our Great Lakes, he was the first president in my lifetime who actually listened and helped fix the problem.

I told him, “Mr. President, we need to get sand replenishment to keep our beaches healthy, which is so important for our region’s economy.”

He replied, “How much do you need?” And from there, it was done.

What seemed impossible under the previous administration was simple under this one. Cutting through the red tape that holds our communities back is this Trump’s specialty.

And after eight years of somebody in the White House telling us that America had already reached her best days, it’s about time we had a president who believes in America’s future.

Trump is undoubtedly the most effective president I’ve seen in my lifetime, simply because of how he’s fulfilled his slogan, “Promises made, promises kept.”

As a man who left a life of comfort and luxury to become the target of vicious, daily attacks, he deserves respect. To have his wife and children attacked at nearly every turn is not something he had to put up with in his private life.

He gave all that up to serve his country. And over the past 21 months, I’ve seen something happen in America that is simply breathtaking.

I’ve seen the economic resurrection of the greatest nation the world has ever known, and it knows no boundaries. It doesn’t differentiate because of one’s background, skin color, gender, place of worship, etc. All Americans are benefiting from this historic comeback.

Hardworking families everywhere are seeing lower taxes and more take-home pay. Job openings are at an all-time high and unemployment is at a 49-year low. Confidence among small businesses and manufacturers is the highest on record.

And just last week, the World Economic Forum announced that the United States is once again the world’s most competitive economy for the first time since 2008.

Our country is better off today in every measurable way because of Trump’s leadership and policies.

But not everyone in Pennsylvania agrees.

There are those, such as Senator Bob Casey and my own Democrat opponent, who want to take down this president. They want to knock him off his perch so badly that they’re willing to take America down at the same time.

Democrats in Washington are playing a dangerous game; they’re so fixated on impeaching Trump that they’re willing to do whatever it takes. And that’s why Pennsylvania needs to make a switch and send Lou Barletta to the Senate and me back to the House.

Without the help he needs in Congress, Trump’s agenda to keep making America great will come to a grinding halt. In fact, all our current success will be rapidly reversed.

If Democrats take back control, you’d better believe that your taxes will go up, job-killing regulations will come back, and endless political witch hunts will plague this nation’s progress.

All that we’ve achieved will be up for grabs on November 6.

The task is clear: Pennsylvanians need to show the same enthusiasm for Republican candidates this year that we did in 2016 if we want to keep our country soaring in the right direction. We defied the odds and made history before; for the sake of our future, let’s do it again.

Mike Kelly is a U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania’s 3rd congressional district

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