Remember Vanilla Ice? He’s Reportedly Still Raking In A TON Of Money

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Vanilla Ice may have been a one-hit wonder back in 1989, but he’s still making big money nearly 30 years later.

The “Ice Ice Baby” rapper, 51, is in the middle of a sticky divorce from his wife Laura Van Winkle, 48, who he has been married to for 21 years and shares two daughters with. (RELATED: Legendary Rapper On Quarantined Flight. Here’s What We Know)

The couple has been embroiled in a messy divorce for over two years, and now that they’re grappling with expenses and child payments, it’s getting even worse.


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According to financial proceeding files obtained by The Daily Mail, Vanilla Ice, real name Rob Van Winkle, dropped pre-divorce payments to his wife without reasoning last year.

And his wife argues this isn’t right, since he’s still worth a ton of money. The records revealed that the rapper is still worth over nine million dollars and rakes in over $800,000 per year.

It’s worth noting that Vanilla Ice is still working. He hosts a home improvement show on the DIY Network called “The Vanilla Ice Project.”

Laura Van Winkle claims she racked up nearly $26,000 in credit card debt while waiting for her divorce payments, and already blew through the $125,000 he supplied her with to support the family.

So a judge stepped in and ordered Van Winkle to pay his former partner $7,191 per month for household and family expenses, as well as $110,000 to make up for not paying her in recent months.

He’ll also be forced to hand over $150,000 for Laura’s past and future legal expenses, of which there could be plenty.

But this all seems to be a drop in the bucket, claims The Daily Mail. Documents reveal he brings in about $68,000 per month, has liquid assets upwards of $3 million, and owns 15 properties, eight vehicles, a boat and other valuable assets worth more than $5 million.

A lot of his wealth comes from his do-it-yourself show, where he buys up property to renovate and turn for a higher price.

It sounds like he’s doing just fine.

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