The New Acting Attorney General Is A Big College Football Fan. What Does That Mean For America?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker is a big college football guy, and that can only be good news for this country.

Whitaker played football for Iowa back in the day as a tight end. His Twitter feed is also a nonstop stream of college football content.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is great news for America. I’m not referring to his politics or anything of that nature. I have no idea what he believes, his stances or anything of that nature, and I really don’t give a damn.

What I do care about is college football. It’s the sport that binds us all together. Young men on the gridiron is the fabric of this outstanding society. We have far too many people in politics who pander and don’t have an authentic bone in their body. Watching politics try to pander in big college football states makes me want to vomit. (RELATED: The Latest AP College Football Poll Is Here. Number Four Won’t Make SEC Fans Happy)

That’s not the case with Whitaker. This dude is a legit Iowa and football fan.


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Now, how do I feel about Iowa fans? More than anything, I just feel sorry for them. They want to be part of the cool kids club so badly, and that’s just not going to happen. They’re always bound to be a mini-Wisconsin. They run the same system as the Badgers, but do it a lot worse. Their fans are sad, miserable and I just wish they could live happier lives.

Do I wish he came from a better program with a lot more winning? Sure, but I’ll take what I can get. Having a man who loves football running the show is music to my ears.

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