Melania Shares Private Photos Of Kavanaugh Investiture Ceremony

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Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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The Investiture ceremony for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh took place Thursday afternoon at the Supreme Court.

The ceremony is traditional for presidents and SCOTUS justices and is meant to confer the responsibility and investment of high office on an individual who holds it.

Both President Trump and the first lady attended the ceremony. All of the SCOTUS justices were in attendance with the exception of Ruth Bader Ginsberg who was hospitalized after a fall.

The official ceremony took place and Chief Justice John Roberts administered the judicial oath to Kavanaugh, after which Roberts said, “Congratulations,” and Kavanaugh took his seat at the end of the bench.

There were no photographers; cameras or recording devices allowed in the court, but Melania Trump shared these images of her signing the guestbook and posing with the Justices after the ceremony:

Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh. I know you will continue to serve our country with honor. ???????? pic.twitter.com/OuAosgrYoc

— Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) November 8, 2018

[Twitter/Melania Trump]

[Twitter/Melania Trump]

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Kavanaugh went through one of the most contentious confirmation processes in modern history last month when multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct. At least two of those accusers have been referred to the FBI for falsifying claims against Kavanaugh.