Jared Goff Attempts To Flirt With Halle Berry. Teammate’s Response Is Hilarious

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

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Could a new power couple be forming in Hollywood?

The Los Angeles Rams are rolling at 9-1, and if you asked star quarterback Jared Goff what the recipe for that success was, it would probably be a play called “Halle Berry,” which Goff ran on Sunday. The actual Halle Berry was apparently watching the game on Sunday, when she heard Goff shout her name, then she gave the Rams a shout-out on Twitter. (RELATED: NFL Week 10 Wrap Up: Here Are The Best Moments You May Have Missed)

Goff responded by shooting his shot.

While one has to admire Goff’s confidence, that didn’t stop Rams’ running-back Todd Gurley from having some fun at his quarterback’s expense.

Ouch. Practice will be pretty awkward on Wednesday.

If Goff is looking for some hope, at least Berry didn’t say no and now Las Vegas has put out odds on a potential future date between the two.

There’s nothing quite like true love in Hollywood. Let’s hope this works out for both of them.