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FNC’s Geraldo Stabs CNN’s Cuomo In The Head With His Brother

Geraldo Rivera/Fox News/Screenshot

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera hurled mud at CNN’s Chris Cuomo Wednesday by throwing his brother in his face.

Let’s get after it! 

The two newsmen quarreled over CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who is trying to sue his way back into the White House after President Trump and his comms team cut off his hard pass after he had a fight with a microphone that was unfortunately attached to a White House intern. Trump naturally thinks Acosta is “bad for the country.”

Who started the fight: Arguably, Geraldo, by calling Acosta “rude.” Chances were high that a member of CNN’s talent would retaliate.

Cuomo flicked back some decent dirt: “Freedom of the press is not qualified by what speech those in power find rude. Fox aside, the media is not required to cozy up to those in power. We should have an uneasy and often oppositional role.”

Geraldo replied with tough love. In other words, he basically verbally spit in Cuomo’s face by bringing family into the argument. Cuomo should re-break his nose!

Cuomo’s brother is, of course, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

CNN’s Cuomo fired back, “If so I would be succumbing to a bad instinct. Freedom is not conditional on preference. And you know this. Why support a bad move? Even your outlet sees the move for the malignancy it is. And to justify it with an infowar tape?! Come on, brother.”

Conclusion: These two may have actually have a shot at a bromance. But don’t tell CNN’s Don Lemon, Cuomo’s on-air bf.

“Ok I yield and embrace the more enlightened view taken by my news chiefs (and you),” Geraldo replied. “Give him back his pass, but (at least on the QT) suggest to Jim that he show due deference & respect to the office, even as he strives through hard questioning to make news.”