The Loyal Readers Took Me To The Woodshed Over Wisconsin Football. Here Are The Best Reactions

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The fans and readers wasted no time letting me have it over the Badgers football season.

I wrote maybe one of the greatest and most self-aware pieces in the history of journalism when I reflected upon the Badgers horrific 7-5 football season. The best reactions are below:

  • Hookstead is a much greater embarrassment to the University of Wisconsin than the University of Wisconsin football team is to Hookstead.
  • Suicide will ease your pain. (and ours)
  • Wasn’t it GREAT to see the lowly Gophers literally SMOKE the over-hyped badgers for a change
  • Dude, you have some serious emotional and mental problems.
  • Hey Davie! If all it takes is for a mediocre football team to lose a couple games to ruin your life, you just might want to reevaluate what is REALLY important in your LIFE!
  • Oh well, there is always next year Hookstead.
  • …somewhere in Wisconsin a village is missing its idiot…

First off, I’d like to say props to me. Most men wouldn’t even consider having enough courage to admit that they were wrong. Luckily, I’m not most men. I’m David Hookstead, and I’m more than man enough to admit when I made a gigantic mistake. Me believing in this Badgers team was a mistake. (RELATED: The Final AP College Football Poll Of The Regular Season Is Here. Find Out Who Is Number One)

Do you want to revel in my pain? Do you want to shower in my disappointment? Fine, that’s okay. I’m strong enough to handle it. Most people would crumble under this kind of pressure.

I simply kick back and enjoy another cold beer.


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Listen, life isn’t always peaches and cream. Sometimes, you get punched repeatedly in the face, you get shot down by the hot woman at the bar and life as a whole decides to just crush you. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

That’s the reality. As I was taught as a young child, life won’t always just be about sunshine. Getting in the trenches and fighting to get out is part of the journey.


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Feel free to get your laughs in right now. Laugh it up because it won’t last long. That much, I can promise you for sure.

Rise up, my soldiers. Go, Badgers, go!