Liberal Lies About Bush And The Willie Horton Ad

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we discuss the lies being told about the late President George H. W. Bush surrounding what has come to be known as “the Willie Horton ad” in the 1988 campaign. Also, the riots in Paris are raging while the U.S. media is still hiding the reason they’re happening in the first place. And Kid Rock made a joke about Joy Behar that has liberals in a tizzy.

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HW’s passing was met with what always greets the passing of a Republican – a rehashing of liberal grievances against them. The most popular liberal grievance against Bush was the famous “Willie Horton ad” in the 1988 campaign. Liberals declared it to be racist, even though nothing about the ad was untrue, and blamed Bush for it, even though it was run by an outside group and not by the Bush campaign or with their blessing. The Bush campaign ran a different ad about the Massachusetts furlough program that did not mention Horton at all.

Still, liberals spent the weekend blaming Bush for the ad, calling it a racist dog whistle. We play both and dissect the whole thing.

Paris is burning, and the American media is finally noticing because the riots are hitting the wealthy areas of the city. What they aren’t reporting is the reason behind the anger – the already massive gas taxes are about to go up again, by 30 cents, and will be increased each year after. It’s being done in the name of combating “climate change.” The media is lying about the reasons, simply blaming the increasing cost of oil. But oil prices have fallen in recent weeks. Anything to protect the liberal agenda. We pull back the curtain.

Kid Rock made a rude joke about Joy Behar on Fox and Friends Friday and was dropped as Grand Marshall of the Nashville Christmas parade. Behar has made countless crude comments over her years on The View with very few, if any, consequences, but one joke from Rock has liberals upset. It’s doubtful Kid Rock is upset, now he gets one more day where he can sleep in. We have the audio.

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