Former Packers Star Has Some Nasty Words For Aaron Rodgers Following McCarthy’s Firing

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Former Green Bay Packers star Mark Chmura is not impressed with Aaron Rodgers’ recent conduct, at least off the field.

The former tight end and Super Bowl XXXI champ, 49, told ESPN Wisconsin on Sunday that Aaron Rodgers may be happy about head coach Mike McCarthy’s firing now, but the glow isn’t going to look good forever. (RELATED: Here’s How Danica Patrick Celebrated Aaron Rodgers’ Record-Shattering NFL Deal)

Chmura told reporters:

Aaron’s not going to come out of this looking good. Aaron might be happy, but Aaron, to me, looks like the prima donna basketball player in the NBA that wants his coach fired. There were rumblings last week because I listen to a lot of the national media, that were saying Aaron Rodgers is difficult to coach — whether that’s because he’s smart or whatever the case may be. He’s not going to come out of this, he might be happy, but I don’t think he comes out of this looking good. He got his coach fired.

We’ve been reporting on this for a while now; it was almost an open secret that Rodgers and McCarthy disliked each other. It got so bad this season that Rodgers pretty much started taking open shots at McCarthy during postgame pressers. So whether or not the optics of that are great, it doesn’t seem like Rodgers cares much. He got his wish.

It’s also worth pointing out that Chmura was accused of sexually assaulting his child’s babysitter…and while he was acquitted of the charges, he’s not really in a great place to be criticizing other people’s actions.

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