MMA Star Kay Hansen Talks About Her Faith And Politics

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In today’s culture, most conservative athletes and entertainers are reluctant to open up about their faith and their politics.

But, MMA star Kay Hansen isn’t like most athletes. (RELATED: Female MMA Fighter Pays Tribute To Her Faith, Country In A Quintessential American Way)

A 19-year-old MMA star, Hansen frequently enters the octagon wearing bible verses and conservative political statements.

“I was born and raised in a Christian household,” Hansen told The Daily Caller. “I took control of my faith at a young age.”

Hansen is considered a rising stars in her sport, and previously won her first MMA bout on a total knockout occurs (TKO). Hansen says that she turns to her faith when she battles inside the ring and credits her trust in God for getting to where she is today. (RELATED: Snatching Coals From The Furnace: A Millennial’s Perspective On Billy Graham)

“It’s really easy to get discouraged, but I’ve learned to trust God,” Hansen said. “Everything always works out the way it should.”

Her faith, Hansen says, has given her the confidence to speak out on controversial culture issues, something that most professional athletes tend to shy away from. She says that speaking in favor of issues such as the right to life and the Second Amendment simply comes naturally to her.

“Personally, I have always been outspoken with my beliefs,” Hansen said. “I’ve never been afraid to state my opinion.”

Hansen owns two rifles, a Remington .308 Winchester Bolt-Action and a Smith and Wesson .3556 m&p. She says she would like to own more in the future, but that her home state of California’s controversial gun laws are limiting her options for the time being.


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Hansen also says that while she has received some backlash for her political opinions, most feedback has been positive.

“I think it’s refreshing to a lot of people to see someone who isn’t timid about what they believe,” Hansen says. “Of course there is negative backlash, but I believe what I believe.”

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