Former Disney Star Jordan Pruitt Says She Was Sexually Abused As A Teenager

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Former Disney star Jordan Pruitt said that she was sexually abused as a teenager by a man in the entertainment business for “almost two years.”

“At just 14 years young, it looked as if all my dreams were coming true. And for the most part, they were. But, in the darkest crevice of my heart, would lie an insurmountable, undeniable, irrefutable amount of pain,” the 27-year-old singer wrote Monday in a lengthy post she shared on Facebook as part of a growing number of #MeToo stories. (RELATED: Former Disney Star Charged After Taking Loaded Firearm To Airport)


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“I remember being in California, feeling the sunshine on my face, and seeing his eyes,” she added. “Eyes that pierce your skin. Eyes that never stopped watching me for one second. As I filmed my music video, ‘Jump to the Rhythm,’ those eyes were watching my every move.” (RELATED: Former Disney Star Avoids Jail Time After After Bringing Loaded Gun To Airport)

She goes on to explain that this unnamed man started “having full control” over what she wore, her diet, even “makeup they put” on her. Pruitt said her label encouraged her to “lose weight” and this man hired a personal trainer for her, after that “he became obsessed with my appearance and even withheld certain foods and food in general from me.”

The “Outside Looking In” hitmaker admitted because this person was helping make “all my dreams come true” she did have a “childish crush” on him.

“I do remember having a childish crush,” the Disney Channel star shared. “The person was helping make ALL my dreams come true, and thought I was so talented at every single thing I did. I didn’t think anything was wrong until I felt this pit in my stomach. I KNEW something was wrong. Deep in the inner parts of my soul, I was trapped.”


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“For the record, while all of this was happening to me, he was engaged to be married,” she added. “While I will spare you any of the mind-piercing details, I can honestly and unfortunately say that this man sexually abused me for almost two years of my life. I am a victim of child molestation because of him.”

It allegedly even got to a point where she said he encouraged her to get “emancipated” from her parents.

“The months following were the most painful I’ve ever experienced,” the singer shared. “This person had brainwashed me against my parents and even made me believe that I needed to get emancipated from them at some point because they were too controlling.”

“He made me believe that they were just in it for my ‘Disney Money.’ (This one makes me laugh now),” she added. “He made it almost impossible for me to cut ties with him. He made it so difficult that I almost lost my record deal entirely.”


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Later, she explained that she did finally tell someone and the police got involved. But when they wanted her to talk she was too afraid and “lied,” saying nothing happened, except that he had “developed a sick obsession with” her.

Pruitt is best known for the songs she recorded for a variety of Disney Channel original movies between 2006 and 2008. In 2012, she also appeared on NBC’s singing competition “The Voice” but was eliminated in the battle round.