Kellyanne Conway Accuses CNN’s Chris Cuomo Of Lying, Not Wanting The Country To Succeed

Mike Brest Reporter
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Kellyanne Conway accused CNN’s Chris Cuomo of lying and not wanting the country to succeed during a heated exchange on Cuomo’s show Thursday night.

During the nearly 40-minute interview, they discussed the special counsel’s investigation, the prison sentence for Michael Cohen, the former attorney to President Donald Trump, and CNN’s coverage of the president.


Conway said, “It’s a great example of how you lie. It’s a great example of how you lie, nightly, you and your colleagues. You have people on lying about this, that, and the other.”

“What am I lying about? You said I shouldn’t call you a liar, and you call me a liar many times, you see the difference in our tactics? Because I treat you with respect,” Cuomo fired back.

“You are engaging in wishful thinking,” Conway responded. (RELATED: Conway Asks If Cuomo Is Jealous Of Fox News’ Ratings)

She then accused Cuomo of not caring about what happens at the White House on a daily basis, to which he agreed.

She added, “No, you don’t want [the president] to succeed, which means you don’t want the country to succeed.”

“Oh, Kellyanne, say that again. I want to make sure the audience hears that. You believe — you want my audience to believe that I don’t want the country to succeed?” Cuomo questioned.

“No, not your audience. Your audience is your audience,” Conway added.

Cuomo followed up, “Imagine if I said something like that to you. Imagine if I said something like that to you.”

After more bickering, Cuomo continued, “Some would argue that you are accusing me of treason by the way.”

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