Kellyanne Conway Accuses CNN’s Chris Cuomo Of Lying, Not Wanting The Country To Succeed

Mike Brest Reporter

Kellyanne Conway accused CNN’s Chris Cuomo of lying and not wanting the country to succeed during a heated exchange on Cuomo’s show Thursday night.

During the nearly 40-minute interview, they discussed the special counsel’s investigation, the prison sentence for Michael Cohen, the former attorney to President Donald Trump, and CNN’s coverage of the president.


Conway said, “It’s a great example of how you lie. It’s a great example of how you lie, nightly, you and your colleagues. You have people on lying about this, that, and the other.”

“What am I lying about? You said I shouldn’t call you a liar, and you call me a liar many times, you see the difference in our tactics? Because I treat you with respect,” Cuomo fired back.

“You are engaging in wishful thinking,” Conway responded. (RELATED: Conway Asks If Cuomo Is Jealous Of Fox News’ Ratings)

She then accused Cuomo of not caring about what happens at the White House on a daily basis, to which he agreed.

She added, “No, you don’t want [the president] to succeed, which means you don’t want the country to succeed.”

“Oh, Kellyanne, say that again. I want to make sure the audience hears that. You believe — you want my audience to believe that I don’t want the country to succeed?” Cuomo questioned.

“No, not your audience. Your audience is your audience,” Conway added.

Cuomo followed up, “Imagine if I said something like that to you. Imagine if I said something like that to you.”

After more bickering, Cuomo continued, “Some would argue that you are accusing me of treason by the way.”

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