Former Marlins President Brags About Ripping Off Fans, Taxpayers

(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

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Professional sports stadiums are some of the biggest rip-offs on the planet, and team presidents and owners know it.

One of the worst offenders is former Miami Marlins team president David Samson — who helped broker a deal for a new baseball stadium that will end up costing Miami taxpayers an estimated $2.4 billion before helping former owner Jeffrey Loria sell the team for $1.2 billion just a few years later. (RELATED: This MLB Team Draws A Crowd Smaller Than Your Average WNBA Game)

So, Samson recently made an appearance at ESPN radio host Dan Le Batard’s birthday party in Miami, and the apparently stumbling-drunk former Marlins’ president decided to brag about successfully fleecing Florida taxpayers.

After being jeered by the same people who are still paying for his sleaziness, Sampson responded by yelling “F*** YOU! 1.2 BILLION.”


The sad thing is Sampson was just saying the quiet part out loud. Team owners and presidents have made a business out of taxpayer-funded facilities.

Hopefully, this despicable — but highly public — stunt will bring more awareness to the racket.

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