Washington Redskins Star Flips Out After Loss. The Video Is Out Of Control

Josh Norman (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Washington Redskins star Josh Norman lost his cool after losing to the Tennessee Titans 25-16 Saturday night.

The talented cornerback threw his helmet at Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan following the game, and he was clearly irate.

In fact, saying he lost his cool might be an understatement. Watch the insane video below. It is one of the wildest things we’ve seen out of the NFL in the past few weeks.

Norman losing his cool probably has a lot more to do with the Redskins season being over in terms of the playoff hunt than any individual action Lewan pulled off.

There’s just no excuse for losing your cool like that after a game, especially to a guy twice your size. I don’t care if Lewan is asking for it like an idiot or not. You just can’t take the bait. If you do, then you end up looking like a moron. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Moments From Week 15 Of The NFL Season)


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I’m also pretty sure there’s going to be a nice fine waiting for Norman in his locker courtesy of the NFL. The league isn’t exactly in love with the idea of players flipping out. It’s not something they like to see.

Be better, Norman. Be better.

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