Justin Herbert Choosing To Return To College Is Beyond Stupid. What Is He Thinking?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert made a gigantic mistake when he chose to return to school over going to the NFL.

I was sitting at a Culver’s yesterday enjoying a nice Double Deluxe basket and some chocolate ice cream when our now freelancer Will Davis hit up my g-chat. He dropped a link letting me know Herbert, a guy widely-considered an option to be the first overall pick, was not going to the NFL.


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A wave of shock washed over me as I soaked up the news that Herbert was returning to the Ducks. Then, it was like a switch had been flipped, and I began to wonder what the hell he was doing.

The NFL is where you go to make money. It’s a business, and it can potentially provide generational cash. Herbert forwent all of that to play in college for another year. It makes no sense at all. (RELATED: The College Football Playoff Teams Have Been Announced. Some Fans Will Be Enraged)

As I pointed out on Twitter, I have no idea what kind of financial situation his family is in. Perhaps, he’s similar to Andrew Luck and comes from money. That changes the scenario, but not enough for me to think he made the right decision by returning to school.


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The top pick in the NFL draft makes more than $30 million guaranteed. That’s the kind of money most people won’t even get close to making in their lives.

Listen, you need to make your money while you can. Herbert is one blown out knee away from never taking a snap in the NFL. His play could also theoretically drop off of a cliff, which would result in his stock plummeting. It’s not likely but anything can happen.

This simply doesn’t make sense. It’d be one thing if he was a day two or three prospect trying to play his way into a higher round and more money, but Herbert is a first round lock. Even if he didn’t go first overall, Herbert still would have become a millionaire the moment he was picked.

I just don’t get it. This move from Herbert makes no sense and is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in sports in a long time.

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