Tickets To LSU’s Bowl Game Are Going For The Price Of A Cheap Case Of Beer. Sad!

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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People wanting to go watch LSU play UCF in the Fiesta Bowl won’t have to spend much money at all.

In fact, tickets are currently going at a cheaper rate than a case of Miller Lite at your local grocery store. Tickets on SeatGeek before fees are as little as $10 and only jump up to $15 once fees are calculated in.

That’s absolutely mind-boggling considering the fact the Fiesta Bowl is one of the most prestigious bowls out there, and both teams are in the top 11(RELATED: The College Football Playoff Begins Saturday. Here’s Everything You Need To Know)


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This isn’t a good look at all for a powerhouse SEC program to be playing in a bowl with such cheap tickets. However, there are probably two reasonable explanations for why you get into the game for less than $20.

First, the Fiesta Bowl takes place out in Arizona, which isn’t anywhere near UCF or LSU. Getting fanbases to travel across the country isn’t always the easiest thing on the planet to do.


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Secondly, and this is the big one, UCF’s quarterback McKenzie Milton is out after suffering a bad knee injury. People probably feel the fact he’s not playing is a sign LSU is going to roll the Knights.

Personally, I think that’s foolish, but I’m more more level-headed than your average fan. Anybody betting against UCF after the past two seasons they’ve had simply doesn’t understand football.

You can catch all the action Tuesday on ESPN.