CNN’s Randi Kaye Does Champagne Bong On Air For New Year’s Eve


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN reporter Randi Kaye kicked off New Year’s Eve by drinking champagne through a bong made out of a snorkel.

Last year, Kaye was assigned to Denver, Colorado during CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast and reported live from a party bus full of pot-smokers. At one point, Kaye joked that she brought a gas mask to protect herself from a “contact high,” but lamented the fact that her fellow bus-riders attached a bong to the gas mask.

Kaye received a slightly classier assignment for the end of 2018 and is broadcasting live from a yacht in St. Bart’s.

Addressing last year’s controversy over her cannabis-centric New Year’s Eve, Kaye explained that instead of a gas mask bong she now has a champagne bong made from a scuba snorkel.


The champagne bong was first demonstrated by a crew member on the yacht, but Kaye soon participated in the fun herself.

“Alright, let’s do it!” Kaye said. “Just a little bit.”

“This is not a good idea,” Andy Cohen said from New York City.

A crew member poured a small amount of champagne down the bong for Kaye, but she failed to drink it all.

During the opening of CNN’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast, they complained about the negative coverage of Kaye’s stunts last year — specifically the fact that she ended up on The Drudge Report.

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