Alabama Coach Nick Saban Discusses Calling Plays As A 15-Year-Old QB

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It turns out that Alabama football coach Nick Saban has been a football genius since his days as a teenager.

ESPN released a video Thursday of the legendary coach explaining his playing days in high school as a quarterback, and it’s amazing. (RELATED: Alabama Dominates The Orange Bowl. Here’s How It Happened)

As a 15-year-old kid, Saban called the plays for his team. Yes, he wasn’t old enough to drive, but he was running the entire offense for Monongah high school in West Virginia in 1969.

You can watch the video below. It’s borderline pornographic for football fans.

Are you kidding me? Is this for real? It’s simply unreal that Saban was running an entire offense as a kid.

I don’t care if you love Alabama or hate the Crimson Tide. I don’t care if you think Saban is a deity or just a massive thorn in your side. Anybody who is being honest with themselves has to admit that it’s impressive as all hell that he could call plays as a child. (RELATED: Who Will Win The College Football National Championship? One Team Is A Heavy Favorite)


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Imagine being so smart that you can dictate an entire offense at the age of 15. I thought it was impressive when I was winning national titles on my Playstation at the age of 20.

Saban was light-years ahead of me, and I guess that’s why he gets paid the money he does. The legend of the Crimson Tide coach just continues to grow and grow with every single day that goes by.

I hate Alabama, but even I can admit that he’s the man.

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