Watch This Blind College Football Player Complete The Perfect Snap In This Viral Challenge

(YouTube Screenshot: Movieclips Trailers)

Jena Greene Reporter
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It seems like all anyone’s talking about this year is Sandra Bullock’s new Netflix movie “Bird Box.”

The movie, which is a thriller starring Sandra Bullock in a blindfold, became something of a meme on social media. All of a sudden, it seemed like everybody was doing their own “Bird Box” Challenge — doing routine daily tasks while blindfolded.

It became so popular, in fact, that Netflix had to come out and issue a warning about doing things while blindfolded. (RELATED: Netflix Is Rolling Out A Cheaper Subscription Service. Here’s What You Need To Know)

But at least one person did the “Bird Box” Challenge so well, we had to take note.

USC football player Jake Olson, who is also completely blind, put his own spin on the challenge by doing a perfect snap on video.

Watch the final result:

Not too shabby. And Olson’s story makes it even better. The walk-on Trojan was diagnosed with cancer when he was just a baby. He had to have one eye removed when he was 10 months old, the other was removed when he was 12.

Olson started at USC in 2015 and is expected to graduate — with a 3.0 nonetheless — with a degree in business administration in Spring 2019. He sees pretty frequent game time and was part of the reason for USC’s win against Western Michigan two seasons ago.

He’s an awesome story. If they make a “Bird Box” sequel, I hope they find a way to cast Olson into the movie.

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