The Internet Shreds Imagine Dragons For National Title Game Halftime Performance

David Hookstead | Reporter

Fans weren’t too pleased with Imagine Dragons’ performance Monday night during halftime of Clemson’s national title win over Alabama.

For those who can remember back to Sunday night, I correctly called that the group playing the show would be incredibly stupid and a disaster on every level. Football fans wouldn’t want that junk as we enjoyed Clemson vs. Alabama. (RELATED: Imagine Dragons Performing At The College Football National Championship Game Is Stupid)

Well, I turned out to be 100 percent correct, and Lil Wayne getting in on the action certainly didn’t help.

The internet absolutely shredded their performance in hilarious fashion.

Man, it sure would be nice if people would start listening to me before these events occur. This whole situation could have been avoided if the powerbrokers involved chose to pick up the phone and give me a call.

I’m not even the smartest guy on the planet (props to me for the honesty), but anybody with a functioning brain could tell this was just a disaster waiting to happen.

It’s a football game! It’s not a high school dance full of awkward sexual tension.

Next year, let’s all commit to not repeating the mistakes made Monday night. That sounds like a good starting point.

Let’s all come together to make sure Imagine Dragons and all the other bands like them never have the chance to ruin the national title game again.

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