This Tripod Takes Stunning Photos Anywhere

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Take stunning photos from any view with the ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod. The device attaches to any surface, indoors or out. Own the tripod today for 42% off the original price.

Normally $35, this phone tripod is 42 percent off

Normally $35, this phone tripod is 42 percent off

ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod on sale for $19.99

Affix the tripod to furniture, a car, or even a tree with the rubber grip feet. Take selfies hands-free with the Bluetooth remote shutter. The ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod is collapsible so you can tuck it in your luggage while traveling.

Photograph exotic locales safely as the ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod takes pictures up to 10 m away. Any brand of smartphone is compatible with the tripod. The price has been reduced from $34.99 to $19.99.

Take professional quality photos with just your phone when you buy the ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod in the Daily Caller shop for a sales price of $19.99.

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