Woman Banned From Walmart For Drinking Wine Out Of A Pringles Can On A Motorized Scooter

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Mike Brest Reporter
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A woman was banned from a northern Texas Walmart after she spent hours driving a motorized scooter around in the parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles potato chip container on Friday.

Wichita Falls police responded to a 911 call from the Walmart at 9:00 am Friday morning. She had apparently been drinking and driving the scooter generally used by people with physical disabilities since 6:30 am, according to the Time News Record.

The police located the individual in question at a nearby restaurant and told her that she would no longer be allowed in the Walmart. She was not arrested. (RELATED: 7-Year-Old Girl Dies In Houston Walmart Shooting)

Many people took to Twitter to comment on this woman’s innovation.

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