Pelosi Gets Even With New York Dem Who Opposed Her Nomination As Speaker

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly keeping New York Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice, who rallied against Pelosi’s reappointment as speaker, off of the House Judiciary Committee.

As Politico notes, Rice is the latest victim in the Pelosi vendetta against her detractors. Rice gambled and lost when she decided to oppose Pelosi’s reappointment as speaker.

Pelosi reportedly worked hard behind the scenes, keeping Rice off her personally approved list of committee candidates and ensuring everyone knew. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Wins Nomination For Speaker Of The House)

New York Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice. Pic by Eric Thayer/REUTERS

New York Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice. Pic by Eric Thayer/REUTERS

Pelosi won the tug of war even though many New York Democrats wanted Rice on the committee because the congresswoman is a former prosecutor and just right for a committee that might pursue the impeachment of President Donald Trump. She is also a fervent gun control advocate, once referring to the National Rifle Association as a “domestic security threat.”

The results reportedly left many of New York’s congressional Democrats unhappy.

“She was boxed out and the result was cooked before we walked in the room,” a source close to the talks told Politico. “If you went by seniority then yes she would have got the position]. But that’s not what happened. Scores being settled was first priority.”

Pelosi was able to justify her backroom antics, according to Politico, by pointing out that two New York House members already occupy seats on the committee, including chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler and House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries.

Rice’s isolation has made a bad week for New York Democrats even worse. On Monday Rep. Anthony Brindisi was unsuccessful in his bid to join the Armed Services Committee — another victim of apparent backroom bickering.

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